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We are a team of highly trained and enthusiastic paragliding and mountaineering professionals, who have sizable experience with outdoor adventure activities. The founder, Shekhar Raizada, is a certified Mountaineer, having done his training with the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, both under the management of the Ministry of Defence.

All of our pilots have completed their dual-flying certifications from institutions such as British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and the Swiss Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors. The Hike n Fly team has vast experience in mountaineering, with trekking expeditions at over 5,500 meters. All our pilots have on average 500+ hours of flying time, making us uniquely capable of offering you an incredible Hike n Fly adventure. Our wings can currently be found in the skies over Kamshet.


What is Hike n Fly?

The idea behind Hike n Fly is to hike up to the takeoff, which is usually the top of a hill. The concept is based on the idea of being physically active in nature, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and escape the grind of city life. After the energizing trek up, it’s time to gear up and make our way down and what better way to do so than flying. Paragliding is more of a tranquil, meditative experience, which offers a serene alternative to daily life. The view from above offers a beautiful view of the Earth as well as a mind-blowing snapshot of the Western Ghats and other scenic locations.

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is a wind-based aerial adventure sport which requires wings or canopy and a seat harness. There are various flying techniques involved, including Soaring (normally flown using dynamic/laminar wind against the ridge or on the windward side of a ridge), Thermalling (spiralling within hot air columns, making 360 degree turns, which can take you to the cloud base) , Acro (more adventurous form of flying involving acrobatic manoeuvres such as wingovers, spiral dives, helico, and tumbling) and Cross-country (flying longer distances using thermals).

So what is a paraglider?

A paraglider is an aircraft that packs into a rucksack allowing you walk up a hill, unpack and float up in the air, using nothing more than the air currents to climb up to the the clouds. Or to get technical, it’s a foot-launched, ram-air, aerofoil canopy, designed to be flown and landed with no other energy inputs other than the wind, gravity and a little muscle power. It’s made of a super-strong, lightweight nylon fabric that inflates to create a stable wing above your head. A paraglider descends at around 200ft per minute. However, if the air is rising faster than the glider is going down (as often happens) the glider will gain height.

How safe is paragliding?

Flying, like any other adventure sport, has its associated risks. These can be minimized by following the standard operating procedures and safety guidelines. Our pilots are certified and well-experienced, with over 500+ hours of flying time. We at HikenFly ensure that we follow all the standard operating procedures as well as international safety standards at all times to minimize any kind of risk and make sure that you safely enjoy your flying experience.

How high can you fly?

There are different sources of “lift” available to paragliding pilots, which can be broadly classified as ridge lift and thermic lift. You can use ridge lifts to soar on the uprising air from hills, cliffs etc, whereas pilots can circle in thermic lifts to reach the cloud base. Height depends on the technique used, flying conditions and region; on average you can soar up to 200 feet and thermal up to 10,000 feet or more.

What should I wear?

The best idea would be to wear a pair of outdoor trousers,a full-sleeve t-shirt and hiking boots or sports shoes. Remember that the higher you go, the colder it will be, so it’s best to think about clothing in terms of layers. It’s also highly recommended that you wear sunglasses and sun protection.

What if the weather is not good?

Paragliding is a sport which is totally dependent on the weather, so we do not take chances if the weather is not suitable for flying. In India we have days when the weather is not ideal, and if conditions are not suitable, we can postpone the flight until the next fair day.

Are there any age limitations?

There is no upper age limit per se. We have flown people from 10 to 80 years old!

How long will a flight last?

In good weather conditions, we normally offer 15 minutes of flying time. However, if you’d like to fly longer or go for a cross-country flight, we have special offers.

When is the best time to go paragliding?

We fly every day of the year as long as the weather permits, except during the monsoon season which is from June to September. We have stunning paragliding flights all year round. Flying in the winter can be very smooth with overcast skies limiting thermic activity, giving us perfect flying conditions. Winter timings are usually in the mornings, but can also include full-day flying. Summer timings are usually in the afternoon and towards the evening.


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